Suzuki Harmonica Reviews and Comments


"The Suzuki is simply the best tremolo harp I have ever played and I would recommend it to anyone serious about tremolo harmonica playing"Pat Missin, Harmonica Player.
"My Chromatic and Diatonic harps incorporate Suzuki's Reedplates for their outstanding reed life and crisp tone" Brendan Power, professional Harmonica player and custom harp maker. 
"I've been using the Promaster and HA-20 since 1998 and those are the best metal harmonicas I have played. the sound is great and they overblow very well!" David Herzhaft, Professional Harmonica player and author of Methode d'harmonica. 
"I love the Promaster Valved (MR350V) it has a beautiful round, warm and powerful tone. It lasts longer than any other make of harmonicas because you don't have to blow or inhale so hard." 'Hammie' Van Hall, Dutch Harmonica player.
Reporting on his satisfaction with a Brendan Power CX-12: "I like the Suzuki reeds, they have a 'growl' to them, the big reads are very positive... particuarly at the top end and can 'honk' like a baritone Saxophone. I LOVE that part!" 'M. Polesky, Moderator of the Harps-L Harmonica list, Los Angeles
"The Suzuki Promaster is the best diatonic harmonica for playing Irish Traditional music, its fully responsive with an excellent tone. Not only are they expertly tuned, but they keep their tuning much longer than other makes. Promasters are also very comfortable to play and hold." Mathew Walklate, Harmonica Artist.
"The Easy Rider is the ideal entry level harmonica, we chose to feature this instrument on our beginners book. Its available in many keys, but check the Low D, its lower than a snakes belly!"   Mr Ben Hewlett, author of 'Chugging'


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