Name: Leonardo Parada "Leo Enry"

Country: Chile

Official Website:

Instruments Of Choice: Diatonic


Leo Enry

Leo Enry has participated in important national events and international as soloist and with "Cuero Crudo" (a Country Music duo), but the most significant support to the popularity of the harmonica has been his pioneering clinics in Spanish for fans of the instrument.

Today Leo Enry continues teaching harmonica through major Latin American sites and through channels such as YouTube.

He has also been extended a permanent invitation to participate in the
international country music event in San Pedro, Argentina
( which comprises both national, and international

Diverse artistic presentations and online dissemination on the internet
have given credit and recognition to the harmonica on an international


Discussing the Manji M-20 Diatonic Harmonica, Leo says: "The incredible sound of this Suzuki harmonica and purity of its notes make it one of the best diatonic harmonicas today. Blues, Country, Rock, Folk, Jazz ... it is possible to perform any style with it because the precision manufacturing and production of Manji M-20 allows all musical notes are fully heard, and in turn, the effects that musicians normally use have perfect sound quality which is certainly one reason for the popularity of Suzuki Harmonicas."